We supply wide variety of industrial electronic and electrical devices imported from France, Taiwan and Korea. We provide consultation and guidlines on how to use our products and also warranty & technical support.

Sockets, Pogo Pins     Sockets, Pogo Pins

Sockets, pogo pins

Loader/Unloader     Loader/Unloader


Change kit     Change kit

Change kit

  • Change Kit for ASECO S-130 Handler for S 300mil 24L
  • Change Kit for ANDO 675 Handler for SOP 45(28L
  • Change Kit for Syntax SX1701 & SX1211
  • W BGA 8.5X13 60 Ball, 8.5X15.5 60 Ball
  • QFP 100pin, 128pin
  • LQFP 100pin
  • TQFP 100pin

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  • Burn In Test Socket – Sensata Technologies     Burn In Test Socket – Sensata Technologies

    Burn In Test Socket from Sensata Technologies

    Sensors –  Centec Germany     Sensors – Centec Germany

    Optical Oxygen Sensors– Centec from Germany

    Manipulators & Carts     Manipulators & Carts

    Manipulators & Carts

    Docking & interfacing equipment     Docking & interfacing equipment

    Docking & interface equipment

    Enigma Technologies Consulting     Enigma Technologies Consulting

    Filters and valves:
  • Filtrox ( www.filtrox.com )
  • Sudmo ( www.haffmans.nl )

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